Alfredo De La Maria was born in the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, Montevideo, studied at the faculty of architecture and sculpture at the National School of Fine Arts, and before turning to painting cars, exposed equestrian, naval and aviation paintings, many of them very well recognized. Travelling to Paris, he found inspiration in artists like Claude Monet or Joaquin Sorolla, among other authors mostly from impressionism and historical realism. Later, returned to South America painting for events, editorials and magazine covers in particular such as "windshield", "Tony", "Nippur", "Automundo" "D'Artagnan". "Tony" is a comic book published in Argentina by Publishing Columba from 1928 to 2000. "D'Artagnan"; Favorite Argentina'sc cartoon magazine among lovers of comic world in which their most famous characters were "Nippur de Lagash" and "Gilgamesh the immortal" from Columba editorial published from 1957 to 2000. "Nippur de Lagash "it was one of the most popular cartoon characters of Argentina, getting to have its own publication called" Nippur Magnum "from 1979 counting approximately 450 episodes in more than thirty years of publication. Based on historical figures and famous myths of the Old Age, happening mainly in Sumeria the fourth millennium B.C. and in the historical region of the Fertile Crescent, which corresponds to part of the territories of ancient Egypt, the Levant and Mesopotamia.

He has done covers for magazines in the automotive category "Windshield" Editorial Perfil and "Automundo" Editorial Codex distribution within Argentina at a time when the covers of the editions were performed by adequate content editing and impregnated singularity artists and originality. Today these copies are subject to collection by collectors and fans. He has also done covers for "National Geographic" and other private publications.

The covers of publications related to automobile has been also illustrated by the artist in France and the United States in magazines such as "L'Automobile" and "Road & Truck" respectively. It is stonish the ability of the painter to show feelings, tense situations, movement, strength, multiple events played instantly transmitting the scene with realism, art, movement, with admirable use of light and prospects turn the detail of cars of its pilots, great figures who illustrated to perfection, when experts and fans observe his works, they  can easily recognize people by their name, along with the data from the race and the circuit. The artist's works mostly reflect real facts of history taking care of the detail and historical references overzealous allowing the viewer to experience a real and dynamic image.

Alfredo De La Maria posando en coche

It's also relevant among his paintings, as a capricious choice, "The Discovery of America" ​​where the untamed ocean, ships and realistic characters in the interpretation of the first ground contact can be seen in dazzling form causing emotion to be observed. Other paintings are remembered by their fans are  "Le Mans 1955"; "Fangio in Monte Carlo 1950", "V. Trips Monte Carlo 1961 "," 1960 V. Trips Solitude" among others.


The master exposes since many years in events and shows of old and luxury cars in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina "Autoclásica" and Essen Germany "Technoclásica". where the artist assited continuously. Moreover he has exhibited his works in similar events in the US, London, Paris, etc. Today his art is compared with its inspiring and has crossed an identity and a unique style. In turn, they mark him as the creator of the resource used in order to achieve motion effects and speed worldwide; generating other artists follow the same technique. It manages to combine effects scenes of dramatic realism, motion, racing with a transmission speed, historical accuracy, and emotion, among other effects listed on a magnificent setting of combination of realism and vivid detail Impressionism. It is considered by many the artistic atmosphere the best car painter in America and some European countries. Alfredo has exhibited in shows of major classic cars as Plebble Beach in California, USA, Retromobile in Paris, France, Technoclasica in Essen, Germany, and Autoclásica in San Isidro Buenos Aires, Argentina, among other European countries such as Belgium or France.

In June of the year of the visit of Pope John Paul II to the episcopate Argentina entrusted to Professor Alfredo De La Maria do a full-length portrait of the pontiff; work in oil which still rests on Av. Alvear orbiting the Apostolic Nunciature in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For over thirty years to the day after the date that is on display in a traditional coffee of the City of Buenos Aires, named "La Biela" in Recoleta neighborhood, several some original work one in particular made in watercolor where you can see a Porsche and Ferrari competing for first place in the rain; coffee visited by celebrities from around the world as the King and Queen of Spain, Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Ernesto Sabato, Juan Manuel Serrat, Joaquin Sabina, Facundo Cabral, Perez Celis, Francis Ford Coppola, brokers several categories and Formula One varied times like Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi, several players, local and international singers, actors, presidents, politicians, etc ...

Exposes permanently in the city of Stuttgard, Germany -in front to ferroviaria- station in the gallery "Kunst -Steigenberger Graf Zappelin" -Arnulf-Klett-Platz 7 D70173 - Stuttgart- whose art director is Conny Constantin where they can be observed the last original artist and Print fabric artist other works of different sizes.


Alfredo De La Maria posando

He participated with personalities of the City of Buenos Aires in the civil group "Friends of Fangio Walk" that achieved through persistence and conviction that the law was enacted nro. 4030 of the Buenos Aires City Legislature that provided for the creation of "Paseo Fangio" in the neighborhood of Palermo. The space is designed so that residents carry out activities related to the environment and sport, as well as cultural and traffic education campaigns. Several exhibitions has made the painter in the Paseo Fangio and illustrated historic racing circuit in the capital. The trace of the old racecourse in Buenos Aires Palermo where International Grand Prix races, leading up to the creation of the F1 were made, named after the five times world champion Juan Manuel Fangio, five kilometers.

In the city of Balcarce, a few kilometers south of Buenos Aires, it is the Fangio Museum Balcarce, where historic cars are even the same brands as Mercedes Benz and original and copies of works of Alfredo Maria. For the birth of Juan Manuel Fangio, June 24, 2015, the artist was invited to the 7th. International Motor Show in Rural, Palermo, Buenos Aires, to commemorate the Argentine pilot exposing a work in original oil Fangio leading a Ferrari in the Stand Ferrari - Maserati in the Blue Room of the fair attended by relatives in life Juan Mauel Fangio, Authorities Argentina automobile Association (ACA), the Antique car Club, President of the Bank of the City of Buenos Aires, City officials, personalities from art automotive environment, industrial, political and sport.

Since 2009 and uninterruptedly at the request of the authorities of organizing the event "Technoclásica Essen" Alfredo de la Maria has performed works in oil that illustrate certain scenes and especially old cars selected annually by the organization as a distinction of a particular car model year as a tribute; picture with which the advertising posters of the event are made. These posters cover weeks before the start of the exhibition the city of Essen, in its main avenues, and in various advertising spaces on public roads as a promotion often displaying reproductions of large exceeding the dimensions of the original. Once the graphic display of different sizes are sold to the public or supplied with trophies as a recognition to the most outstanding award stands subject.


Artist world required creator of magnificent works that have attracted collectors from around the world in automotive, historical, horses and scenes of aviation or naval still the day of the date continues giving us the artist and many of his works lie in Galleries themes Museums, Classic Cars Associations, or Old, and in the hands of private collectors and important personalities of the world not only art and motor racing. Many of their European or North American customers have in some cases more than 20 original works of artista.-

The National Library, located in the City of Buenos Aires, has invited the artist to make a work of Jorge Luis Borges to honor his figure as president of the histórica.- Library

It is permanent art competitions Jury of charities and foundations of art.

As a way to have no fear of the new; and endowed with the characteristics already mentioned Alfredo de la Maria has given us this 2015 two oils devoted to fly fishing in atrapantes landscapes, colors and movement of waterfalls, with a first person fisherman to detail in full swing and lively, the second one reflects an input light on a shallow river with a fisherman located under; admirable presentation and great use of light and shadows. This new resource paint fly fishing and scenery of mountains and rivers opens a fresh new outlook for the artist and new to your customers and fans who do nothing but learn mouth of a new different artistic ration Alfredo de la Mary and that will leave its mark in time with gratitude.


Many customers of the painter are art collectors, collectors of old cars and high-end horse owners polo or racing, owners of boats and aircraft, textile manufacturers, automakers, metal, alternative energy, sport , television, politics and art.

Some adquirers to mention:

  1. Adrián Sutil. Racing driver road racing. He competed in Formula 3 Euroseries, Formula 3 Japanese, and in 2008 arrived in Formula One as a pilot of the Force India team until 2011. In 2014 was pilot Sauber F1 Team Ferrari.

  2. Roberto Iriarte y Torcuato Iriarte, manufacturers of replica cars and own scaled and children's sizes small electric models.

  3. Vintageracingcars ONG, y la empresa de Diego De Luca dedicated to the manufacture of replica cars and small sizes combustion engine for teenagers.

  4. Club de Ferrari de Luxemburgo. At the headquarters of Ferrari Club of Luxembourg shows original works of the author who teach the feats of historical models of Ferrari in competition.

  5. Daniel Scielequi, international multimedia entrepreneur.

  6. Daniel Word, International art and cars collector.

  7. Art Galleries Germany, Stuttgart, Canada, USA, and the Av. Alvear in Buenos Aires, Argentina and private gallery owners.